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First digital vibrometer on iPhone!

now with iPhone 5

iVibrometer 2.2 is a new version of the first vibrometer available for iPhone. The external appearance of the app has been significantly developed, and a new function has been added for sending vibration signals by email.

The iVibrometer app turns your phone into a real vibration sensor. The sensor uses the iPhone's preinstalled three-channel vibroaccelerometer. The vibrometer can be used to examine the vibration of various machines and mechanisms to evaluate their condition. Usually, if a problem occurs, the vibration of the machine will rise, and following its changes can help identify when repairs are needed. You can examine the vibrations in a car, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, or even a person's hands, to find out, for example, how sober the hands' owner is at the time.

Measuring parameter – Root Mean Square (RMS) of Acceleration
Sample rate – 100Hz
Frequency range - 5..50 Hz
Maximum value devection
Switchable units – G, mm/s2, dB
Switchable aix – X,Y,Z,Total
Real-time implementation of the signal
Zoomed Y scale on graph
Export vibration data via e-mail
Supports iPhone 5 with larger screen

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